McAfee naaseb Ghost Coin projekti juurde? - Krüptonoom

John McAfee expressed his opinion on the latest developments in the governance of the coin Kummitus project, which he had mahajäetud, saying he might reconsider his choice and return to work with them.

See on privacy-focused blockchain project and its token, Ghost Coin, allows for greater privacy than traditional tokens and also an incredible speed since it is based on the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus protocol.

The reason for McAfee’s abandonment was precisely the governance system, which was using old-fashioned logic and not up-to-date with the times and the speed of the project and the industry.

McAfee’s decision related to the governance of Ghost Coin

aasta lehekülg about the governance updates, it is stated that 3 custodians will be appointed who will manage the keys for the whole Ghost system.

These custodians will have different roles:

  • Program management, responsible for running the Ghost project according to stakeholder requests;
  • Communication and marketing, which includes web presence, various chats and various official communications from the team;
  • Software development management, which includes code management, testing and maintenance.

Decisions on these issues will be put to a vote. Voting will be carried out by the token holders. There will be a first vote on the Telegram channel that will last 24 hours and must reach 51% of the votes, then we will move on to the vote that involves the participation of users who have already voted in the Telegram channel, a fundamental requirement to participate in this second vote.

The method involves sending to a specific address:

  • 1 GHOST token, for abstention;
  • 2 GHOST tokens, to vote no;
  • 3 GHOST tokens, to vote yes.

A majority of 51% will be needed here as well. The vote will remain open for 72 hours to allow everyone to participate.

At this point McAfee, should he feel that the efforts that will be made in the future will be directed towards the creation of a privacy-focused coin with the right rules of governance, he may consider coming back to the project and support it.